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BTC Direct and BLOX today are like Apple of the 90s. A lot has been accomplished already, but the best is yet to come.

We’re growing fast, so we could use your help. Are you ready for the new revolution? Apply today!

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Why work at BTC Direct or BLOX?

We are more than just a crypto company. We are a close-knit team of young, passionate professionals who dare to make big dreams come true. Do you want to be part of that too?

Warriors, also outside the office
Our team consists of warriors. And not just in the office: every year we take part in the Viking Run. With blood, sweat and tears we reach the finish line year after year. We take that energy with us to work: every obstacle can be overcome!

Your ideas in the spotlight
You will be working in the most dynamic sector of this decade. That requires adaptability and creativity. Do you have any great ideas that will help us move forward? That’s great! We reward initiators.

The best company outings
In between work there’s also time for relaxation. A hearty game of Smash Brothers during the break, for example, or an extensive lunch at our expense. However, our day doesn’t stop at half past six. How about movie nights, Friday afternoon drinks, and bootcamps?

We also dare to think bigger. Taking the whole company to an international bitcoin conference in Riga or inviting Dutch cult-singer Ronnie Ruysdael to our event, nothing is too crazy.

Book your front-row ticket for the revolution
Don’t want to miss anything about the crypto revolution? Working with us means you will experience it up close. Join our team!

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BTC Direct is a leading European cryptocurrency broker. We have a strong foundation in place with more than 900.000 users. But that is only the beginning for us.

With the rollout of new products such as the app BLOX and our Fiat Onramp, we want to grow into the position of European market leader in the upcoming years. We are therefore constantly looking for reinforcement on various fronts. Of course we can tell you in all details why it’s so great to work for us. But who can do that better than our own employees?